Meet the team...

AdviceAid is wholly owned by Neatlines Ltd.
Neatlines was founded in 2016 with the vision of utilising technology to find simple solutions to complex problems.
We’re tired of bloated, unresponsive and dated IT solutions that are designed without the end-user in mind.
So we’re doing it differently.

Peter McGuireCo-Founder & CEO

Peter is the CEO of AdviceAid, and leads our mission to reshape advice services.

Peter first put his energy and creativity into designing an online advice tool in 2014. At that stage, he had already worked across the housing spectrum in a variety of roles within supported accommodation, housing associations and local authorities.

He is happiest when he is combining his passion for homelessness and his degree in Software Engineering. Peter has a level 4 Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) qualification and loves nothing better than helping housing teams deliver better outcomes through the use of great technology.

Thomas FowlerCo-Founder & COO

Thomas began his career in the music industry, touring the world with a varied roster of artists. In 2006 he switched to third sector leadership and developed a range of services for homeless, complex-need adults and young people. Thomas was responsible for creating the UK’s first direct access hostel on a working farm.

He has since worked in both the public and private sectors as a project manager, service designer and specialist on community development and stakeholder engagement.

Thomas is passionate about tech for the common good.

Dr Tom MakinCo-Founder & CTO

Tom is the Chief Technology Officer for AdviceAid and responsible for keeping our platform ahead of the curve. A tech veteran and a problem solver with broad experience delivering software projects great and small.

Earlier in his career, Tom worked on sizeable international engineering projects from stadiums to aircraft wings. He sold his soul to geekery several years ago and now enjoys spending his time making the world a better place one byte at a time.

He aims to build software for people like you to get things done.

Neil Morland & Co.

Neil Morland & Co is recognised throughout the UK as a leading authority on housing needs, homelessness, housing allocations and housing support. They provide professional advice and consultancy on housing needs, homelessness, housing allocation and housing support. Choosing to focus on these inter-related topics, affords exceptional expertise on these matters.

Their grasp of the sector and deep understanding of housing and homelessness make them the perfect partner to develop specialist advice content.

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