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A company dedicated to making the world a simpler place to live and work in through the innovation of new technologies.

Peter McGuireCo-Founder & CEO

Peter has worked in Housing for over ten years in a variety of roles within supported accommodation, housing associations and local authorities. He holds a degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering and at one stage in his career worked for Bill Gates. His passion for IT and Housing led to the development of AdviceAid.

Thomas FowlerCo-Founder & COO

Thomas has a long history of senior leadership within the third sector specialising in project management, communications and marketing. Among his portfolio of achievements is the establishment of a district-wide homeless service, the development of a rural community hub, leading various national campaigns and a city-wide regeneration project in Manchester. Thomas believes in equality, cycling and life-long learning.

Dr Tom MakinCo-Founder & CTO

Dr Tom is a problem solver with experience working on large international engineering projects including stadiums, aircraft wings and inflatable ice breakers. He sold his soul to geekery several years ago and now enjoys spending his time making software to help people get things done. When not buried deep in code, Tom enjoys running around, sliding down hills and fermenting cabbage.


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