Case Study

Lewisham Council

Creating a positive user experience.

Lewisham Council set out to improve the ‘Housing’ pages on their website. As part of a wide-ranging review of their digital offer, they explored embedding AdviceAid to provide housing advice.

Lewisham Council historically maintained a collection of general housing advice articles. They were attracted to AdviceAid because of the breadth of the content and the simplicity of the guided search process.

Lewisham appointed Fluent Interaction to deliver a comprehensive user experience (UX) research report. This included testing several prototype versions of their housing pages and the SelfServ module of AdviceAid.


  • Providing relevant information online to customers before they make contact with the council
  • Increasing awareness of the services offered by the council
  • Providing content that matches people’s expectation of council services


Lewisham Council contacted us to explore if AdviceAid might fit with a new approach to the ‘Housing’ pages on their website.

After discussing the business case, it was agreed that the SelfServ (see right-hand panel) option would be most suitable.

We deployed a SelfServ module on a testing instance of the Lewisham website. Lewisham’s team quickly localised the advice with relevant information specific to their area. This was achieved through the AdviceAid admin dashboard.

Before committing to changing their website, Lewisham employed consultants Fluent Interaction. Their remit was to conduct user testing of the website options, including AdviceAid. This took place over two rounds and included customers who were at risk of homelessness.


AdviceAid featured very positively in Fluent Interaction’s report:

‘AdviceAid’ was generally well received and praised for effectively triaging people to the right information without too many clicks.

AdviceAid journeys made people feel like they found what they needed.

AdviceAid was considered valuable by all users we tested with.

They recommended that Lewisham Council deploy AdviceAid prominently on their website.

Direct customer feedback included:

It gives you the information in a different way – this is more interactive.

It’s giving me the information that I actually want as opposed to irrelevant information and shows me the thing of value.

It’s giving me the information that I actually want as opposed to irrelevant information and shows me the thing of value.

Customer (Lewisham)

What is SelfServ?

SelfServ is one of two AdviceAid modules. It provides end-user advice from the local authority’s website.
The customer goes on a short, interactive journey to establish their needs. Advice relevant to their circumstances is then provided, which they are able to print or email. The advice contained within AdviceAid is created by a team of legal experts, is easy to read and outcome focused.
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