A solidbusiness case...

If AdviceAid prevents only 1 household going into emergency accommodation, it has paid for itself!

Prevention is 3x more successful than relief at ending homelessness. It is also vastly cheaper for local authorities, costing on average £2-3k per intervention compared to £12k for a crisis intervention.

Providing accessible, quality and consistent advice is a fundamental aspect of a successful prevention approach. With AdviceAid, you are able to move advice even further upstream by enabling residents to service their own help. The Homelessness Reduction Act recognised the impact of providing effective advice, strengthening the duty on councils.

Embedding AdviceAid within your prevention toolkit provides an attractive return on investment (ROI). With pricing starting at £1250 (per annum), AdviceAid provides a ROI for the local authority of between £4,125 – £10,000 for each household who avoids a crisis intervention under the relief duty. By promoting self-service advice on the council’s website, these savings can scale significantly.

Additionally with the average cost of a person rough sleeping to the public purse at £24-30k, AdviceAid’s role in homelessness prevention has a larger societal benefit.

Saving officer time

Creating and sharing written advice is 98% quicker with AdviceAid. For a Housing Advisor in a typical local authority (based on our user analytics) this equates to a saving of 344 hours or 14 days per year. Based on the average UK Housing Options Advisor salary, this results in a saving of £2,299.57 per advisor per year.