AdviceAid are today announcing an exciting new partnership with leading housing and homelessness consultants Neil Morland & Co.

The new collaboration will ensure that local authorities can access quality, tailored and up-to-date advice both for their advisors and direct to their customers.

We believe that providing the comprehensive and accessible advice is key to preventing homelessness, and done well, can save councils significant costs. We are delighted to be working with AdviceAid to provide tools to really take their advice offer to the next level.

Neil Morland (Managing Director of NM&Co).

AdviceAid has been making waves with the SelfServ tool, which places empowering advice in the hands of those who need it.

“The opportunity to work with NM&Co is one we couldn’t pass up. Their grasp of the sector and deep understanding of housing and homelessness make them the perfect partner to develop specialist advice content.”

Peter McGuire (CEO of AdviceAid)

NM&Co and AdviceAid will be working to provide advice and a platform that supports local authorities to meet their duties under the Homelessness Reduction Act. The benefits include triaging demand, upskilling of staff, earlier intervention, and consistency across channels. All from as little as £1000*.

To find out more and try it for yourself, visit

Neil Morland & Co are recognised throughout the UK as a leading authority on housing needs, homelessness, housing allocations and housing support. They provide professional advice and consultancy on housing needs, homelessness, housing allocation and housing support. Choosing to focus on these inter-related topics, affords exceptional expertise on these matters. For more information:

AdviceAid is an established leader in providing online homelessness advice. Their platform allows local authorities to provide always up-to-date advice, written by experts that is tailored to their local context and customer’s circumstances. Accessibility is at the heart of their solutions, in both content and delivery.