A question that’s sometimes thrown at us is this…
“Why would I need AdviceAid when we have already got advice pages on our website?”
We’ve been looking at what embedding AdviceAid on your website can do, that your advice pages can’t! We’ve identified seven things:

“70% of customers expect your website to include a self-service tool, accessible even when your staff are not.

Steven Van Belleghem, The Self Service Economy

Information vs advice

– Council websites have inherent layout limitations for giving advice – typically, they are useful for describing services as opposed to hosting user-friendly advice pages.

+ AdviceAid was built from the ground up to provide advice – it gives the customer the advice they want.


– Council websites generally struggle to cope with advising on complex situations. e.g. ‘Is my S21 valid?’

+ AdviceAid can diagnose what advice is needed, and present even the most complex advice in an easy-to-read and digestible format.


– Council websites display all advice pages with equal weighting requiring customers to read all advice pages to find out what is relevant to them.

+ AdviceAid only shows tailored advice relevant to each situation and circumstances.


– Keeping council websites advice pages up-to-date is a difficult and time-consuming job.

+ AdviceAid takes care of ensuring the advice is up-to-date and legally compliant, leaving one less thing to think about!


– Council websites are constrained in their scope to host fully comprehensive advice – therefore, they tend to focus on basic information pages.

+ AdviceAid does not shy away from providing comprehensive advice designed to empower the customer to act.


– Council websites can make navigating to the most relevant piece of advice difficult – information is presented by topic rather than in response to individual circumstances.

+ AdviceAid takes the customer on a short journey to understand their situation and circumstances, only presenting the right advice, every time.

Customer use

– Customers will use a service that gives them something of value – if they can’t find the answer easily on a council website, they will likely either call an advisor or give up.

+ “It’s giving me the information that I actually want as opposed to irrelevant information and shows me the thing of value.” AdviceAid user in Lewisham

Offer accessible, always available and cost-effective housing advice through AdviceAid SelfServ.

Thomas Fowler is Co-Founder and COO of AdviceAid. He has an extensive history of designing services for vulnerable people both in the voluntary and public sector. Thomas was responsible for developing the UK’s first direct access hostel on a working farm. He is passionate about tech for the common good.

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