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AdviceAid:Shelter is a tool for local authority advisers to create quality advice that is tailored within a Shelter best-practice framework.

Accurate housing advice and a clear plan is critical for authorities in light of the new duties and rights introduced by the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017.

AdviceAid is populated with hundreds of pre-written Shelter advice paragraphs or ‘snippets’ which cover a range of housing issues that advisers deal with in front-line services. The ‘snippets’ have been written in plain English and are ideally formatted for inclusion within a Personal Housing Plan, to be presented verbally or inserted in an advice letter. Advisers can quickly search for snippets relevant to the client’s circumstances offering high quality and consistent housing advice.

The tool offers the added flexibility to local authorities to create their own framework for advice as well as create snippets to reflect local practices and schemes.

Advice can be created within the tool itself or depending on an authority’s case management system, snippets can be copied directly into other templates.

An upcoming feature in AdviceAid allows you to share team created “snippets” with other local authorities areas in your sub-regional group. With agreement, you can even see and copy team snippets of any local authority.

In summary, AdviceAid is a web-based solution offering high-quality housing advice, flexible template writing tools and helps local authorities provide a tailored customer service. Help advisers avoid using short truncated sentences which will devalue the impact of advice or from relying on templated text that lacks good advice substance.


What is Shelter advice?

Shelter is a registered charity that campaigns to end homelessness and bad housing in England and Scotland. It gives advice, information and advocacy to people in need.

Housing and homelessness have been Shelter’s main focus since its foundation in the 1960s. Their Housing Aid Centres are major providers of housing advice to individuals and institutions – their consultants have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to draw upon.

Shelter Training has 10 years’ experience in developing quality and performance frameworks. Their internal Specialist Quality Mark audit programme is accredited by the Legal Services Commission and they have worked with more than 60 local authorities, reviewing services and improving planning and performance since setting up in 2001.

Shelter are at the forefront of interpreting the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 and creating best-practice advice and support for local authorities. They are committed to writing and updating the high quality housing advice contained in AdviceAid:Shelter.

I already have advice tools with my current case management system. Why would I need AdviceAid?

We have designed AdviceAid:Shelter to be a tool that works alongside and compliment existing (and new) case management systems. With the new legislation coming in the big providers are still working out their offering, leaving LAs with limited options.

AdviceAid is a go-to resource to create consistent and high-quality advice every-time. It can be used a number of ways, from laying up best-practice PHPs which can be exported into other systems, or as a library of advice snippets to compliment other document makers. The key benefit is access to hundreds of up-to-date advice snippets written by the legal team at Shelter. As the Homelessness Reduction Act guidance is updated, so is the content on AdviceAid.

How much does AdviceAid cost?

AdviceAid:Shelter costs from as little as £2000 per year (ex. VAT). This includes unlimited users, high-quality Shelter advice which is updated regularly to keep in line with legislation and best-practice, continuous product update-cycle and new features, 24-7 online support.

Do I need to install any software?

No. AdviceAid is 100% browser-based, and is compatible with all the main browsers and operating systems. An internet connection is required.

Is AdviceAid secure?

AdviceAid is developed by Neatlines, a G-Cloud 9 approved supplier, therefore meeting and exceeding all requirements for government-related security. You can read more here.

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“We were attracted to AdviceAid as we could see that it was easy to use and we were keen to get advice in writing to all customers”

Sara Lomax - Housing Options Service Manager, West Suffolk

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